Better Fitness Products
Better Fitness Products
Better Products for a Better Life
STI distributes products for improving your health and fitness. We ignore the current fads, and only promote products that are simple, effective, and provide long-lasting value. Visit the following pages to learn why we stand behind each of these unique products...
shoulder warm-up device Pre-Cord is a simple and effective tool for pre-game warm-up and injury prevention.
rotator cuff exercise device The ShoulderHorn strengthens your rotator cuff, reduces shoulder pain, and can add pounds to your bench press.
portable elastic cord exerciser The SportCord is a portable exercise device that's perfect for travel or for home gyms with limited space or budget.
low back exercise device The VersaBack is an effective device for strengthening your lower back and reducing low back pain.
Additional Product Reviews
Below are links to our reviews of other popular fitness products. We no longer sell these products, but we tell you the best place to purchase them:
  • Accu-Measure
    An accurate and inexpensive body fat caliper that makes it easy to test your body fat level at home.
  • BallJacket
    The durable, abrasion-resistant cover that allows exercise balls to be used outdoors.
  • Blender Bottle
    The low-cost shaker bottle with the built in blender ball for effective mixing.
  • Full Strength
    The premium-quality nutrition shake that keeps your body energized for hours.
  • Green Breeze
    Organic Green Tea Powder instantly turns hot or cold water into a refreshing, antioxidant-rich drink.
  • K-Tec Champ HP-3
    The high-performance blender the outperforms all other home blenders and juicers.
  • MediBall
    The original gel-filled medicine ball provides a fun alternative to conventional strength training.
  • PowerBlock is the best adjustable dumbbell ever made, and an essential component for your home gym.
  • Tite-Grip
    The antiperspirant hand cream which provides a long-lasting, sweat-free grip.
  • WIN Detergent
    The laundry detergent formulated to remove bacteria, sweat residue, and odors from high-performance sportswear.
Order with Confidence
All products sold on this website carry STI's Complete Satisfaction Guarantee. Try them in your own home for 90 days. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, simply return the product to STI, and you'll receive a prompt refund of its full purchase price (excluding the original shipping and handling charges).
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